Birthday cakes

13882362_1216414341724446_1697348347006424506_n   13394035_1180001185365762_3993854556568196931_n   13606474_1193750160657531_4860453398766291646_n
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image     image
image   IMG_5315
 image   image
IMG_5269 image
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 IMG_5187  wpid-20150724_164030.jpg
image  IMG_5130
image  IMG_2926
image  image
image image
image  20130227-120712.jpg
20131015-215810.jpg  Kinder Surprise cake
20131015-214130.jpg  20130429-213314.jpg




20130227-122440.jpg  a2

20130227-122528.jpg  20130227-122622.jpg


3 thoughts on “Birthday cakes

  1. I saw a 3 layered my little pony cake with the name Aurora on it some time back and now I can’t find it I was wondering if you still had the photo.

  2. Hi was wondering what the approximate cost was for a cake for 20+ people in the shape of a car, such as the combi van?

  3. Hi there what area are you?? I have a birthday on the 24th April and need a cake do you have prices more info please Thanks Wendy

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